Download the Database

The SQL files available for download here contain all the data required to build and populate an SQL database. Before downloading please ensure that you have MySQL installed and running on your computer. MySQL installation instructions can be found here. My preference is for HeidiSQL which is available for download here.

There are two SQL files available. The file normalised_sql.sql contains all the data used for the database behind this website. If you are running HeidiSQL you can load the data from this file by launching HeidiSQL and navigating to the File-Load SQL File pane and selecting normalised_sql.sql from your download location. This database has had the units of measurements converted to a standard format and has some imperial measurements converted to metric where required. The number of goods was also rationalised, which is detailed further in the Notes on Database page. This was neccessary to generate the charts on this site.

The second SQL file, unnormalised_sql.sql, is the raw, un-normalised database. This file contains the data as it was transcribed and is where the data from the thesis was predominantly derived. Unlike the normalised file the data here is represented in imperial units and the goods recorded have not been rationalised. Whereas the normalised database contains 641 individual items, this database contains 1,717. More information on the decision making process behind this rationalisation is contained in the Notes on the Database page.

Also available for download is the transcribed abstracts for total volumes of Irish trade organised by year and broken down by goods from 1797 to 1820. This excel file has not been normalised and the goods list is similar to that in the unormalised SQL file. This is a very raw file that was mostly used for error checking, but is also useful for getting a broad view of Irish trade at this period. However, due to issues with some of the pages in the ledgers being either missing, stuck together, or of poor quality there are gaps in this data. This file is available here.