Donegal, Ireland.

Trade through Cork city

The data here was transcribed from the Ledgers of Irish Trade in the National Library of Ireland and covers the period from 1797 to 1823. The data was initially transcribed as faithfully as possible and this database is available to download from the database dropdown menu. However, to create a usable web search the database structure has been altered and re-designed for improved functionality. More information on this can be found under the database heading.If there are any ommissions or you have any suggestions for improvements please contact me at and they will be included in future site revisions. Additional data generated over the course of my research and more background information on Cork's trade during the nineteenth century will be added on an ongoing basis as it is processed.

"Cove, admiring the banks on both sides, but especially the northern one, rising gradually from the water, and covered with woods, villas, gardens, and lawns, more resembling the environs of a great and rich capital, than those of a pork and butter-salting provincial like Cork. If I was not misinformed, these villas, though fit for noblemen, of ten and twenty-thousand a year, were not in exact accordance with the receipts of the merchant-kings of the modern Irish Venice."

James Johnson, A Tour in Ireland: With Meditations and Reflections. (London:, 1844)